Sokol/Sokolice Milwaukee, Inc.
Celebrating Czech-Slovak culture through education and physical fitness since 1868
History of Sokolice 1899 - 1994, merged
Our History...
Sokol Milwaukee - Founded 1868
Sokolice Milwaukee - Founded 1899
Both Units Merged in 1994
On April 23rd, 1899, delegates from three Czech societies – Martha Washington, Libuse and Slavomira founded Telocvicna Jednota Pani a Divek (The Gymnastic Society of Ladies and Girls). The ladies formed their by-laws and as soon as their charter was approved, an election was held. 
The first elected officers were:
President ....................... Alzbeta Janecek
Vice President ................ Ruzena Mencel
Secretary .......................... Johanka Kus
Treasurer ........................... Anna Jelinek
SOKOL and SOKOLICE have continued to work as a team, dedicated to educate to the highest physical efficiency, a high standard of morality and service to the community. Within the group was a dramatic association and singing society which gave plays and concerts in the Czech language. Delicious Czech dinners became annual events, as well as picnics, dances and gym programs.
In 1943, SOKOLICE became a leader in the community and initiated an ethnic fair with three other slavic nationalities. This event has grown into  a three day event called the Holiday Folk Fair and is now sponsored by the International Institute with over 50 nationalities participating. SOKOLICE Milwaukee prepares for the Holiday Folk Fair all year and participates in  all aspects of the International Marketplace, International Cafe, Cultural Exhibits and our young gymnasts perform in the Young People's Matinee. There is also an annual performance by the Czech Moravian Dancers in  the Folk Spectacle. Monies earned are used to help finance our gymnastic youth program, scholarships and other events that enrich the SOKOL ideals.
( Source: SOKOLICE Milwaukee - 95th Anniversary Celebration Brochure)
 - Sunday, April 24th, 1994 -

At a meeting of individuals held at the "Slovanske Lipy" Hall, on June 14th, 1868, 
plans were made to organize a gymnastic association to be known as "SOKOL"
The following individuals became charter members of "SOKOL":  
Jos. Braun, Fr. Bures, M. Cada, Tomas Cejla, Fr. Drahoz, Fr. Frana K. Janecek, Fr. Hudecek, Vacl. Ircing, Fr. Kostlan, Jos. Kostlan, Vacl. Kesner, Jan Krozek, Ant. Novak, Al Rothbauer, Fr. Steiger, Karel Vrabec, Jos. Zima.
From this group Frantisek Bures was elected President pro tem and Anton Novak, Secretary.
First order of business was as follows:
1.  To apply to the "Slovanske Lipy" trustees for rental of hall for beginning 
2.  To pay 1/2 year's tuition for Br. F. Bures to attend an American speaking     
     gym class as student so that he could later instruct Sokol gym classes.
3.  To elect a committee to prepare within 14 days By-laws for the new Sokol 
     organization.  Elected to serve on this committee were Anton Novak, Fr.
     Steiger, and K. Vrabec.
4.  Decision made that Sokol gym classes be held every Thursday.
There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned.
Fr. Bures                                 Anton Novak
President pro tem                     Secretary